Experience and Knowledge

Superior Genetics

GWS utilizes that experience and knowledge of selecting for superior genetics, acquisition, breeding and ranch management practices as the backbone to their breeding operations.

The Global Wildlife Solutions team of professionals and specialists includes conservationists, ranchers, wildlife veterinarians, and a feed formulation specialist that aids GWS with our breeding operations, tailored to our climate and conditions for optimal animal production here in Texas.

Acquiring super exotics in 2023

Private Fund

Global Wildlife Solutions initiated its private fund to acquire super exotics in 2023. We are acquiring Nyalas, Gemsbuck and Sable in our initial roll-out phase.

Breeding Approach

Strategic Species Selection: Avoiding Over-Diversification

We have experience in what animals are well adapted to our climate, has good herd growth and cash flow potential.

Acquisition Strategy

Our acquisition strategy is methodical.

The animals we acquire as the foundation for our breeding stock must meet certain criteria that over time will produce superior genetic quality animals.