Avoid making costly mistakes.

Ranch Management Consulting

Due to a lack of knowledge and experience new wildlife ranchers can make costly mistakes when setting up their super exotic breeding programs. These mistakes can have a negative financial impact on their profitability and their sustainability but also cost them lost revenue years down the line when they realize they have made poor choices in species and genetic selection in their breeding herds.

GWS Ranch Consulting Services

Risks and Pitfalls

Many of the risks and pitfalls can be reduced or avoided when making use of GWS Ranch Consulting Services. The aspects that GWS cover and provide continuous support on include:

  1. Business plan development
  2. Financial forecasting and cash-flow requirements
  3. Herd growth models for different species
  4. Select a property and its suitability for super exotic breeding
  5. Infrastructure development requirements and lay-out
  6. Selecting the right genetic material for their breeding herds
  1. Breeding herd size and composition
  2. Specie compatibility on a property
  3. Good management practices for optimal production
  4. Feeding requirements and feed formulation
  5. Animal health
  6. Movement and capture of animals
  7. Brand development
  8. Marketing

How does it work?

Service Offering

  • 1st Step – FREE
    • Initial Needs Assessment
    • Free consultation with GWS specialist
  • 2nd Step – $25,000
    • All-around wildlife breeding production and management plan
    • Continuous support and management guidance
  • 3rd Step – $15,000
    • Quarterly farm visits
    • Management and progress reports